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Slab Leaks & Water Lines

Follow the tips and helpful hints related to the repair through the slab, rerouting of lines, or replacement of leaking water pipes.

With cold weather fast approaching, prepare your sump pump to deal with winter freezing and thawing. Inspect and clean the pump and pit. Make sure debris is not blocking the end of the drain, as water that cannot flow will quickly freeze. If you suspect water is freezing in your discharge pipes, and you have a "cleanout" cap on the exterior pipe where it exits the house, you might want to temporarily unscrew it to allow water to exit sooner (replace the cap when ice has melted).

Backflow prevention is not just a nice-to-have: it's a must-have, both for health and to avoid violating the law. Backflow preventers are mandated in any situation where the reverse flow of polluted water could enter the potable (drinking) water system, such as from outdoor sprinkler systems or boilers. Call My Favorite Plumber if you are not sure how long it's been since your devices were inspected.  

A sure way to prevent water damage from leaks or burst hoses behind the washing machine is to install an automatic shut-off valve. These vales can detect leaks when the machine is in use and shut off the water supply when it is not, preventing hose fatigue from constant water pressure.

Washing machine hoses suffer a lot of wear and tear as water flow is continuously started and stopped during the wash cycle. Hoses should be replaced every few years to prevent a catastrophic failure. One suggestion is to replace them every leap year.

Drain pumps are great for transporting water from a utility or bar sink as much as 14 feet up to an existing home drain line. One challenge is that any water pushed up will flow back down if it has not yet reached the drain line, setting off the pump again. To prevent this, install a check valve, which lets water flow in only one direction.  

Rerouting the sewer line coming from a toilet is not an easy job, but may be necessary if you are planning a bathroom remodel. The most important thing to consider when relocating a toilet is maintaining the slope necessary to carry waste out of the home. At minimum, 1/8 inch of slope per foot is needed, though 1/4 inch per foot (1 inch of fall for every 4 feet of straight pipe) is recommended. 

Fall is on the horizon and colder weather is just around the corner. With summer gardening season coming to a close, September is a good time to prepare for cooler temperatures. Disconnect and drain outside hoses and store them in a protected area. Shut off valves leading to outside spigots and cover outside faucets with a styrofoam or insulated fabric faucet cover—these are easy to install and protect from frost and wind. 

Want to reduce runoff and lower your water bill? Install a rain barrel below one or more of your gutter drains. Rain barrels capture water that otherwise would run into the sewer. The water can be used on landscape plants and gardens. Rain barrels must be drained during the winter months to avoid freeze damage.

Notice a loud bang or clang when you shut off a faucet? It’s probably caused by “water hammer,” which occurs when a shock wave is sent down the pipes due to sudden water stoppage. Water hammer can eventually lead to ruptured pipes or pipe fittings.

My garden hose hates me!! Ever felt this way when a simple outdoor watering job turns into a chore because of a kinking and caught-up hose? Decorative hose reels and holders can help, but they only do so much when you need to go around corners.


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Pressure jetting involves inserting a high-pressure water stream into a pipe to clear waste buildup

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