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Slab Leaks & Water Lines

Follow the tips and helpful hints related to the repair through the slab, rerouting of lines, or replacement of leaking water pipes.

If you have “hard” water, you’re familiar with the build up of mineral deposits on faucets, shower doors and drains, as well as outdoor fixtures like hose nozzles and sprinkler heads. The tried-and-true solution is white vinegar. 

Smoke testing is a safe, cost-effective way to identify sources of water infiltration into outside sewer lines and pinpoint breaks or defective connections allowing sewer gases to escape inside a building. If you notice a persistent, unpleasant odor, call a plumber, as sewer gases can lead to health problems. 

If your home or business draws water from a private well, a pressure tank is important to maintaining proper water pressure, having consistent, reliable water flow and reducing wear and tear on the well pump. If your well pump is going on every time you run the tap, you need to get your pressure tank serviced or replaced.

A laundry tub or utility sink is a very handy addition to any laundry area. Laundry tubs tied into washing machine sewer and drain lines allow for convenient drainage, pre-wash and other utility needs such as cleaning up paint supplies. Your local plumber can install sinks to meet any space or workload requirements.

Leaks happen, but they aren’t always obvious. If you suspect you may have a leak but haven’t detected the source, a good way to confirm this is to check your water meter.

Frozen sump pump lines can be a frustrating problem during the freezes and thaws of winter and early spring. To prevent this, bury as much of the hose as possible below the frost line and insulate any exposed portions with straw.

Frozen pipes are a huge hassle. If you take steps to avoid them, you’ll save yourself a giant headache – and your wallet will thank you later!

Even though we’ve been enjoying warm fall temperatures, winter is still just around the corner! Make sure your home’s plumbing is ready for the dip in temperatures with these easy tips.

If you notice a leak by the water shutoff valve under the sink or behind the toilet, it would be wise to replace it before it gets worse. It is a quick repair, usually about an hour, and will give peace of mind knowing the water can be quickly turned off in the event of a sudden overflowing toilet or faucet leak.

A flood alarm, similar to a smoke alarm,  is a self-contained electronics device that sounds a loud alarm when it gets wet. Potential flooding or leaks can be discovered before there's a major problem. Place the device near toilets, washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers and sump pumps.


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