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Install laundry pump

Laundry pumps, or drain pumps, are necessary when you need to drain waste water against gravity from laundry tray sinks, utility sinks or washing machines. Drain pumps are also useful for bar sinks, showers and any other "grey water" basement drain application. 

We can install any major brand including Liberty, Flotec, Zoeller, Wayne and Little Giant. 

Tip: Prevent Drain Pump Backwash

Drain pumps are great for transporting water from a utility or bar sink as much as 14 feet up to an existing home drain line. One challenge is that any water pushed up will flow back down if it has not yet reached the drain line, setting off the pump again. To prevent this, install a check valve, which lets water flow in only one direction.  

For more useful advice, see our helpful hints page.  


We replace or repair washing machine shut-off values, washer connection heads and outlet box assemblies.

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