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Install or replace shut-off valves

Shut off valves are installed to give homeowners the ability to turn water off to individual fixtures in their homes. Some older homes or newer bathrooms and kitchens with sub-par renovations contain few or none of these valves, making repairs and replacements a much more difficult process. My Favorite Plumber can install valves as part of an individual project, water-line upgrade or whole-room redo.

Of course, any valve in your home that has a drip or similar malfunction should be replaced immediately. 

Shutoff Valve Tip:

If you notice a leak by the water shutoff valve under the sink or behind the toilet, it would be wise to replace it before it gets worse. It is a quick repair, usually about an hour, and will give peace of mind knowing the water can be quickly turned off in the event of a sudden overflowing toilet or faucet leak.

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Broken drain lines and piping can be a major hazard and inconvenience. We're glad to fix any damaged lines, and clean your drains to avoid future problems.

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