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Install Vanity

Tired of an outdated style? Change the look and functionality of your bathroom with a new vanity—and let My Favorite Plumber do the heavy lifting. We will install all types of vanities including from brands such as Virtu USA, ACF, St. Paul and Martha Stewart. 

Bathroom Tip: Pedestal Sinks and Vanities

It’s pretty straightforward to go from a pedestal sink to a vanity, but the opposite is not always true—removing a vanity for a pedestal sink may require some re-plumbing. Drain and supply lines must be roughed at the proper height and the finished product has to look professional (there’s no hiding shoddy installation behind wooden doors). Call your local plumber to get the job done right. 

For more tips, go to our helpful hints page.  

An automatic ice maker's not much good without a water line into the fridge. Let My Favorite Plumber install it quickly and safely. 

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