Pipe Installation & Repair

Pipes are the arteries and veins of your home or office, channeling pressurized water where you need it to go. If you notice a leak—even a slow drip—that cannot be stopped by tightening a faucet, it’s a problem that needs addressing. If it’s remodeling you’re doing, bring in the experts at My Favorite Plumber to make sure pipe installation is done correctly.

Gas line installation or repair

If you smell gas or suspect a faulty or broken gas line, call My Favorite Plumber right away. The threat of an accident from a damaged  line is very real.

Our staff is fully trained to install, repair or replace both indoor and outdoor gas piping, as well as gas log fireplaces. It is not worth the risk to attempt gas line repairs by yourself; it could be years before you notice a mistake. Let us help—we have your safety in mind. It’s our job.

Leaking pipe repair

Broken piping and drain lines can be a major hazard and inconvenience. A number of things can cause leaking pipes, from freezing to cracked seals to normal wear and tear. 

We’re glad to fix any damaged lines, and clean your drains to avoid future problems.

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Pipe inspection

If you are noticing problems such as sewer backups or suspect a leak, a pipe inspection is essential. We can do the job quickly using the latest equipment.

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Pressure jetting

Pressure jetting involves inserting a high-pressure water stream into a pipe to clear waste buildup. Unlike a rooter, pressure jetting removes scum lining pipeline walls. 

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Shut-off valve installation/repair

If your home is like most, it’s full of shut-off valves, which can develop leaks as they age. Or maybe you don’t have enough—no one likes having to shut off the water to the whole house just to make a minor repair. Either way, we’re here to help. 

Pressure reducing value installation/repair

Water pressure that is too high entering a home can lead to ruptured pipes and damaged fixtures. The solution is a pressure-reducing valve. In addition to preventing damage, these valves can save you money in decreased water usage.  

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Winterize/de-winterize home

If you own a vacation home or will be away from your home for an extended length of time during the cold months, winterizing is essential to prevent freezing and bursting pipes. My Favorite Plumber can assist you with all the necessary steps required to winterize your home and help you get things running again when you return. 

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Repair frozen/split pipe

If your pipes do freeze, give us a call—we’ll fix the problem. We can make sure your pipes are defrosted in the most efficient way, including using a high-powered heat gun or industrial-strength pipe thawing machine.

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Repair/replace/reroute piping

We can repair, replace, upgrade or reroute piping of any age, in any situation: through slab, behind plaster or drywall, underground or in foundations.

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