Basement and Crawlspace

Basements and crawlspaces are where sump pumps and sewage pump systems are located, as well as water lines entering homes, pipes and duct work, and lines leading to outside spigots. Back in the Middle Ages, people didn’t mind having open wells in their basements (see photo above by Ashley Dace), but most today prefer things a bit more contained.

Install or repair sump pumps

Sump pumps work with other basement waterproofing methods such as French drains to remove groundwater from structures and keep basements dry. We can install any brand of sump pump including Flotec, Wayne, Little Giant and Zoeller.

Install or repair sewage ejector pump

Sewage ejector pumps take care of transporting sewage out of a building when toilets or sinks are located below the sewer line, as is often the case with basements. When gravity cannot do the work of removing waste water, ejector pumps are the solution. These pumps work with sewage tanks to avoid running each time water is used.

Install or repair sewage ejector tank

Sewage ejector tanks, made of corrosion-resistant materials, are typically buried flush with the floor of the lowest living space. When filled to a certain level the ejector pump transports sewage out of the home. 

Install or repair outside spigot

My Favorite Plumber can quickly fix any problems with outside spigots and lines, install new lines for more convenient water access or replace old fixtures.

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