Pressure jetting

Pressure jetting involves inserting a high-pressure water stream into a pipe to clear waste buildup. Unlike a rooter, pressure jetting removes scum lining pipeline walls—the grease, sludge, sand and debris that can often be the primary culprit in clogging up pipes. In addition to clearing out clogged drains, we can do preventative pressure jetting for drainage lines likely to be experiencing sludge buildup.

Tip: Don't pay too much for a clog!

Sewer line clogs mean big trouble, but don’t let a stressful situation blind you to overcharging schemes. A legitimate plumber will go for the simplest solution first by using a drain auger or snake to try to clear a clogged line.

In most cases, this will work. If a plumber tells you right off the bat that they need to dig, or do an expensive camera inspection, make sure he/she has a very good reason.