Upgrade or repair drain line for dishwasher

It seems like a small thing, but proper drain line installation prevents back-ups which can lead to odors and contamination. Whatever your set-up (sink distance from unit, presence of garbage disposal, etc.)  we can make sure the line is functioning the way it should, draining dirty water without filling your sink (ugh) or backfilling onto your cups and dishes (double ugh!).

Dishwasher Drain Tip: Know the Code

There are specific requirements for hooking up your dishwasher drain to the sink, and installation codes can differ from place to place. In some locales, for instance, it’s not proper to drain dishwasher water directly into a garbage disposal. Another requirement is a high loop, or air gap, to prevent water flowing from the sink back into the dishwasher, potentially causing odors and contamination. 

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