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Few things disrupt life as much as problems with bathroom plumbing. The expert technicians at My Favorite Plumber can identify and fix leaks, clogs and other problems quickly and correctly. When you're ready for an upgrade, we can recommend, install and maintain fixtures for any family size and budget. 

Here are some of the things we can do for you:


Install bathroom sink faucet 

We install all major brands of faucets including American Standard, Delta, Kohler and Moen. 

Install vanity

Change the look and functionality of your bathroom with a new vanity—and let My Favorite Plumber do the heavy lifting. 

Install pedestal sink

For an elegant look where space is limited, nothing works better than a pedestal lavatory. 


Install tub spout

Tub spouts suffer a lot of wear and tear: worn-out diverters (no water going to the shower), corroded or cracked seals, flaking finish. Give MFP a call when it's time to fix or replace.   

Install shower or bathtub

Whether replacement or remodel, we'll install your shower and/or bathtub the right way. We can also install and replace handheld and customized showers to meet specific needs. 

Repair leaking/clogged shower or bathtub

Cracked seals, corrosion, blockage: we'll fix it so the problem is less likely to return.  

Drain inspection/cleaning/repair

Sometimes the problem goes a bit deeper. Maintaining and fixing drains is key to stopping or preventing expensive water damage.


Install toilet

When change comes to the throne room, My Favorite Plumber can make it a stress-free time. 

Repair running, leaking or clogged toilet 

We quickly and professionally repair all types of malfunctioning toilets. 

​Pull and reset toilet

Leakage around the base of a toilet can quickly turn in to a major headache if not taken care of. Pulling and resetting the toilet is the best way to fix failed seals and other sources of leaks. 


Install and repair shut-off valves

Installing individual shut-off valves under each fixture ensures you do not have to shut off water to the entire house just to make a simple repair. 

Bathroom design and remodel

When remodeling the bathroom, call My Favorite Plumber to make sure water lines and fixtures are installed correctly. 

We offer a comprehensive list of services that can help make sure your bathroom fixtures are in top shape.

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