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Laundry Room

To guarantee a code-compliant and proper hookup of your laundry room appliances, a plumbing professional is your best bet. My Favorite Plumber's experienced and professional team will make sure that your new appliances are installed correctly so you avoid the hassles associated with improperly connected appliances. We can also fix any problems your currently installed appliances may be experiencing.

Here are some of the services we offer to help with your laundry room:

Install laundry tub

A laundry tub or utility sink is a very handy addition to any laundry area. Laundry tubs tied into washing machine sewer and drain lines allow for convenient drainage, pre-wash and other utility needs such as cleaning up paint supplies. 

Install laundry tub faucet

My Favorite Plumber can repair any utility faucet assembly, as well as drains, hoses and valves. We can also replace old, low, difficult-to-operate faucets with extended, gooseneck, swing-nozzle or pull-out faucets, which open up the tub to a wider range of uses.  

Install laundry pump

Laundry pumps, or drain pumps, are necessary when you need to drain waste water against gravity from laundry tray sinks, utility sinks or washing machines. Drain pumps are also useful for bar sinks and any other "grey water" basement drain application. 

Replace washing machine hose 

Is your washing machine hose cracked, spraying or dripping at the connector? Time to call My Favorite Plumber! We can replace and repair washing machine hoses in a jiffy.

Repair or replace washing machine valves

We can replace or repair washing machine shut-off values, washer connection heads and outlet box assemblies, which can be a challenge to reach and remove. If you see any evidence of a leak around your washing machine, call MFP right away. 

Ready for a new look in the powder room? Nothing spiffs up a sink quicker than a new faucet. 

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